Month: October 2015

La fascistissima ‘città del duce’: a visit to Mussolini’s hometown

The city of Forli in north-east Italy is best known as the hometown of Benito Mussolini, leader of the National Fascist Party and ruler of Italy from 1922 until the end of WWII. During his two decades as Fascist ruler of Italy Mussolini transformed Forli, which came to be known as “Citta del Duce” or City of the Leader, into a representation of the fascist regime and its political aspirations. Another more recent resident of Forli, Barbara Bravi, returns to her city to trace how the function of its fascist architecture has changed from a means of celebrating the old regime to understanding the city’s totalitarian past.

“Who’s last?” The mysterious art of queuing in Russia

If anyone asks you what the major symbol of the USSR is, forget the hammer and sickle. It’s the “queue” (or the “line”). The line of people. All dressed in dark colours with a sad look on their faces. If you have lived in Russia for more than ten years, this image is most likely to be burned into your brain. It’s a part of our culture, and it’s not the best part.